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Find out more about Guadalajara
at our favorite place to stay,
Casa de las Flores

Casa de las Flores and their hosts and staff is really the best way to find out about Guadalajara.  There is nothing like firsthand information about the city things to do, guides to hire, places to go and small little-known destinations and events that will make your visit special.  We think the best vantage point to enjoy Guadalajara from is the delightful small artist village of Tlaquepaque surrounded and embraced by the metropolis of Guadalajara.  I always think of Tlaquepaque as being like the French Quarter, as New Orleans is like Guadalajara, the larger city that rings the little jewel of the village Tlaquepaque.  Casa de las Flores is the best place to find out more about Guadalajara and the surrounding area.

Here is a property tour of the grounds of Casa de las Flores located in Tlaquepaque, the crafts capital of Central Mexico, near Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Be welcomed into a typical neighborhood not so typical in that all the neighbors around Casa de las Flores are folk artists and craftsmen.  Casa de las Flores is the key to a memorable visit.